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Bruce Edwin is founding publishing editor of www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com. In the first 5 weeks of its existence, Mr. Edwin forged working relationships for the online magazine, with clients including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Academy Awards), The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards), The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes), Paramount Pictures, and many more. He is regularly credentialed as a journalist to interview some of the biggest stars of our time. Upon its first 10 months in 2009, the site forged a partnership with News Blaze.com, which has a viewership of more than a half a million per month.

Stars that Bruce has interviewed for The Hollywood Sentinel include Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson from the hit show 'The Simpson's', Alison Sudol of the band 'A Fine Frenzy,' Julie Newmar from T.V.'s legendary show 'Batman,' and Joe Mantegna from the hit show 'Criminal Minds' among more.

In 2013, Bruce announced that he will be launching an online radio station within the site, with streaming audio in the summer of 2013. The site will also expand later in the year with exclusive video content.

Bruce launched Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations in the fall of 2011. Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations provides very select clients, including actors, models, bands, business owners and more, the unique ability to have themselves or their products or services pitched directly to stars or CEOs and decision makers of major corporations including record labels among others. The firm also provides branding, positioning, graphic and logo design, media placement, and red carpet promotional bookings among more.

Bruce Edwin is also President of Starpower Management LLC and a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Edwin founded Starpower Management, a celebrity model and talent firm in the fall of 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. He later expanded the company to Los Angeles, California. He has helped to launch many careers, including rock act kill kannah, who he first introduced to his client Atlantic Records, and many models, who he helped become members of the Screen Actor's Guild, by breaking them in to acting. He was the manager of David Williams-Michael Jackson's most renown guitarist who played on such hits as 'Beat It,' 'Billie Jean,' and 'Thriller' among more.

Starpower Management's clients include celebrity publicist Michael Levine, Moira Cue (singer, actor, painter), actor and comic star Jim Meskimen, martial arts Kung Fu screen star Mel Novak, Lee Burns, and numerous celebrities the firm keeps confidential.

In 2013, Bruce expanded to include the representation of fine art. His current offerings in consort with numerous of his esteemable partners include original paintings by master artists including; van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Rembrandt, Franz Kline, and many more.

Mr. Edwin began producing for feature film in 2006. His current slate includes himself as writer for three projects, an animation triology, and two film studios valued at over 110 million dollars. He further has over 50 scripts under option. The production arm of his firm is a viable source for utilizing his vast network of channels for distribution, casting of stars, private equity, and additional sources of funding. Mr. Edwin has forged confidential working relationships with numerous celebrities as producing partners, and with his partners, has a slate of over thirty motion pictures available to investors in various stages of production including deals partially financed and with stars attached including Emmy and Academy Award winners.

In 2013, Bruce announced that his firm will begin producing its first webisodic documentary series about life in Hollywood, starring many of the manager's clients, which will later expand to cable Television. Production on the series begins in Spring of 2013.

Prior to being a producer and manager, Mr. Edwin worked as an in house production assistant at the T.V. show Extra! and Celebrity Justice. During this year, he wrote stories, further expanded his knowledge of how celebrities are created, and assisted with numerous celebrity interviews.

Prior to his talent management experience, Mr. Edwin was an independent reader for Lakeshore Entertainment. Prior to his work as a reader, he was a talent agent, a talent booker, and earlier, a model and talent scout for numerous firms in Los Angeles.

Prior to his agent and management work, he was a professional photographer. His credentials include photographing Michael Jackson, The Oscar Party Night of 100 Stars, The Sex Pistols, Nine Inch Nails, Sarah McLachlan, and many more.

Mr. Edwin joined Next Reality and First Capitol Bank of Chicago in 2002, where he served as marketing manager for both companies. During this time he also trained in the mortgage and real estate business, helping to broker multi-million dollar deals for private islands, shopping malls, and luxury homes among more. Prior to that he worked in the fashion and music industry in merchandising and management, with companies including Fossil, and Lord & Taylor / Saks.

He began his career in motion picture and film with the launch of his own magazine, Subnormal, in 1989. With Subnormal Magazine, Mr. Edwin landed exclusive interviews with recording artists Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Marilyn Manson, Love and Rockets, Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, and many more. Former Tower Records distributed his magazine in over 15 countries, and in every major city throughout the United States. During this time, he also ran his own music booking agency whereby he booked recording artists on nationwide tours, often touring himself as road and tour manager.

A busy human rights and animal rights activist in his teens, and a vegetarian for over twenty years, Bruce Edwin's current charitable causes include helping to fight child abuse, exploitation, and child trafficking through his uniquely developed intelligence gathering methods, as well as regional, national, and international public and media journalism. His report on the prevention of child abuse in the entertainment industry was considered and partly used by the California State Assembly during the draft of current legislation regarding the protection of children.

Mr. Edwin is a graduate of Columbia College of Chicago for film producing and cinematography. He is currently writing a new book of poetry and a book on 'How to Succeed In Hollywood.' His hobbies include swimming, boating, Kung Fu, and metaphysics. He resides in Los Angeles.

The following are what people have said about BRUCE EDWIN:

"I believe in angels because of people like you."

- Jewel, pop star

"You are kind of picking up where Andy (Warhol) and I left off."

- Paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol manager, co-founding publisher of Interview Magazine

"Never underestimate the power of Bruce!"

- Celebrity Publicist Michael Levine

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